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Almost every guild event I have posted on this blog was done by my guild, <The East Kingdom> on Terokkar.  We are now recruiting for Mists of Pandaria.  It is an alliance, central time zone server.

Guild Leaders: Husband/Wife team, Chatmay and Nôxåmon

Type of Guild: Casual/Social, Family-Friendly, level 25. Been around for four years.

# of members: We have around 715 toons now, 270 accounts

Our guild’s first priority is about one thing- you having fun playing the game. We are helpful to new players, we don’t make restrictions or a lot of rules about things like what class you are, what spec you play, what add-ons you have etc.

We are not really a leveling guild, but we do get a lot of server rerolls and transfers so we try to help where we can.

During Cataclysm we had three 10 man raiding teams in Dragon Soul… ranging from semi-serious to very casual. We are currently filling some spots on these teams that have opened up over the past two months.

We also schedule other runs every week for non-raiders such as getting transmog gear or achievement/mount runs. We sometimes do contests such as screenshot competitions and a guild lottery. We have a seasonal guild party four times a year.

We have a facebook guild page where we keep up to date on guild info. We are currently using that page to set up five man dungeon teams for Mists leveling.

So How do I get an invite?
Contact Chatmay first here or in-game mail. I am sometimes on my many alts, so feel free to say “/who the east kingdom” and ask if I am on the game.

Please ask any questions here that I have not answered! Thanks