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Believe it or not, the Transmogolympics contest has come to an end!

I don’t think the host, JD Kenada, or the judges knew what they were getting themselves into a few months ago.  What started as a few WOW bloggers competing against each other’s transmogs ended up being 47 contestants and over 450 outfits.

The winners can be seen here.  Even more awesome is that JD has made a website just as an archive of this event (still in progress)!

Ok so here are pictures of my outfits from the last three categories that were featured:

FENCING (1h sword)

Pally set…or is it?!

This was the most frustrating outfit I had to make, mainly because my husband’s toon not only had full bags but also a full bank and full void storage.  I think I spent two hours sorting gear sets and deleting/DEing/selling anything possible. (he ended up having duplicates of several items)

I was really proud of myself with the finished result- this outfit looks like a matched set, but it is actually about 1/2 level 70 gear and 1/2 level 85 gear.  I finished it off with a weapon enchant and a shield off the auction house that matched.

The criteria for this category was “best use of a 1h sword,” but I did notice that all three medalists used a fencing-type-sword, not just any sword.

Items used for this paladin outfit: Brighthelm of Justice, Overlord’s Spaulders, Pillager’s Cloak, Breastplate of Fierce Survival, Gloves of Radiant Glory, Dragonfracture Belt, Legguards of Radiant Glory, Pillarfoot Greaves, Brutality Blade, and Stonewrought Shield.

FREESTYLE (Make up an NPC)

For Gnomeregan!

I got the idea in my head from the beginning that my NPC needed to be a musketeer.  Then I ended up only having a male gnome left as far as gender/race combinations that I had at a “decent” level (I actually had to level this toon to equip the crafted musket). I came up with this description, which I sent the judges:

A musketeer was an early modern type of infantry soldier equipped with a musket.  Musketeers were an important part of early modern armies. They sometimes could fight on horseback, like a dragoon or a cavalryman. The musketeer was a precursor to the rifleman.  The Gnomeregan musketeers are steeped in tradition. While technology for the gnomes and types of military fighting have both progressed, the musketeers prefer to guard their home in the old ways of gun and sword. Being a Gnomeregan Musketeer requires a code of honor and loyal service to their race.

This was the hardest outfit to put together gear-wise because I had almost no gear saved on this toon, and the toon was not even level 70 yet.  At one point I even got Model Viewer out just to figure out what gear I needed to go get.

I was a little bummed because I was not able to use the Gnomeregan tabard as part of my outfit since I was Gilneas faction (one of the rules).  I did find, however, a purple chest to represent one of the Gnomeregan colors.

This leather outfit included: Cabalist Helm, Stormshroud Shoulders, Cloak of Healing Rays, Vest of Vengeance, Wicked Leather Bracers, Mighty Gauntlets, Wanderer’s Belt, Bard’s Trousers, Sure-Step Boots, Dazzling Mithril Rapier, Fel Iron Musket, and White Tuxedo Shirt.

EQUESTRIAN (outfit matching a mount)

Kossuth with Tyrael’s Charger

This may have been my favorite outfit entered.  This was one of my lowest level toons used, but for some reason it came together really well.

The mail outfit uses the same gold, white, and blue/purple on the Tyrael mount.  I used: Bonelink Helmet, Crusader’s Pauldrons, Durable Cape, Lord’ Breastplate, Ornate Gaunlets, Lord’s Girdle, Myrmidon’s leggings, Lord’s Boots, Ebonclaw Reaver, and Bone Slicing hatchet.

Thanks for the contest guys!  It was really fun and gave me a reason to make more outfits for my blog!