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My guild on Terokkar, The East Kingdom, had an end-of-summer party a few weeks ago.  Sorry I am just now getting around to writing about it….

The party location was the beach at Bittertide Lake, which is West of Glimmering Pillar in Sholazar Basin.

Start of the party

After the usual booze hand-outs, we started the party with a Heavy Leather Ball Contest.  Everyone was given a heavy leather ball.  The objective was to throw balls like crazy, and the person with the fewest balls left in their bags would be the winner.

This is the first time I have attempted to do this game at a party, and it didn’t really work out like I thought it would.  I don’t know if people were playing without the required number of open bag spaces (eight) or someone was afk, but we ended up having seven winners from a tie.  This is fine if you can afford that many prizes (I gave them Winterspring Cubs), but just be aware.

We then voted on best dressed for the party, which was a prize of 500g.

After that, we did another new contest: Skinny-Dipping Diver Dueling.  The rules: Standing on the slope between shallow and deep water two toons will duel under water with no gear on.  Each player starts with eight points.  If any part of the player’s body moves above water during the duel, they lose one point.  The winner of the duel receives two points.  So the highest possible score overall is ten points.

The trick to this contest was making sure people were staying on the divider between the shallow and deep parts of the lake.  If they are not following that rule, it really isn’t as challenging.  We did have one winner with ten points, and he received the Mini Mount WOW loot card.

The last contest was a number-guessing-game based on the trap door located in the lake area.  The trap door has coordinates you can see when you scroll over it.  I have been told they are some kind of Lost reference, but I have no idea.  In order to hold this contest, you need to make sure the party takes place far enough from the trap-door that players will not be able to look at it.

This is a picture of it:

Coordinates for Contest

Everyone participating had to guess a number six times- one time for each trap-door number.  The first and second numbers were between 1-10, the third and fourth numbers were between 1-20, the fifth number was between 1-25, and the sixth number was between 1-50.  Another option for the answers could be for the judge to pick their own coordinates (if you think anyone has looked before-hand to see what the answers are).  The 500g prize went to the player with the most amount of winning guesses (closest number to the answer wins each time).

After all of this, the party moved to Vashj’ir to do the whale shark kill for the achievement.  We did this at last year’s party, but we decided to do it again for newer guildies who didn’t have it.