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Instead of doing a seasonal (ie winter) guild party, I decided this year to throw a Winter Veil/ Holidays party.

About 10-15 guildies showed up at the Old Town inn in Stormwind, many dressed in Christmas colors.  As usual, the standard alliance booze was handed out or placed down.

Breaking the Ogre Pinata

After taking care of some lottery prizes that were needed to be done, we did an ice breaker game.  I chose this to do because we have lots of new members in the guild right now.

The “it ” person would throw a Heavy Leather Ball to another person.  The person receiving the ball had to answer a random question from a list I made before the party started.  Some of the questions included “What song describes you?” and “What is the best advice you ever received.”

We then held votes for the best party dress.  The winner was monk, Paninja.  His costume was simple but cute: Crown of Opportunistic Strikes and Gaudy Winter Veil Sweater.  He received an Admiral’s Hat and a battle pet as the prize.

Paninja chilling after the party

Meanwhile the guests exchanged their Secret Santa gifts.  We had previously in December had a signup list available to the guild on Facebook for any that wanted to participate.  It was not required to attend the party, but we had around 18 participate.

I then split the attendants into three teams.  They had to work together in seperate vent channels to complete an item list of activities.  These were:

  1. All team members must get smashed drunk and stay that way throughout the whole contest.
  2. One member must get a stranger in dwarven district to hug you.
  3. One team member must get a stranger in dwarven to give you 15g.
  4. All team members must send a random guildie a ingame mail saying – Happy Holidays.
  5. One team member must run around naked saying Merry Christmas From “Guild Name!”
  6. After 1-5 are completed, the whole team must line up on dwarven bank stairs and dance together.

Besides the wordage above, there were no rules on how to actually accomplish these things.  I did have to open up the hugging and 15g to trade district as well because there were not a lot of people standing in dwarven at that time.  The winning team all received a battle pet.

For the party finale, we all took a Preserved Holly and flew to trade from dwarven on our reindeers.  Then we lined up on the bank stairs there for this screenshot:

Reindeer Treats

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all my guildies and to all my blog readers!!!