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I have had my email address for at least ten years.  I do still check it every day, but I get at this point over 115 emails a day at least, most of it being spam.

I was going through recent email today to settle a purchase dispute when I noticed I had an actual email that had not been checked.  I almost fell through the floor when I realized it was from WOW Senior Community Representative, Zarhym!

I met Zarhym at DragonCon this year, so I guess he had added me to his email list of “community fansites.”

Here is part of the email:

As we’re about to take a little (and welcomed) break for the holidays to spend time with our families; reflect upon the trials and tribulations of the past year; embrace our loved ones by the fire with ardent spirits filling our goblets, and frankincense and myrrh nipping at our noses; meditate for answers to the anticipated riddles 2013 is sure to unleash… or whatever; I’ll probably just be playing a lot of games! (Goblets, fire, and incense still involved.) 😀

But, I digress. With this final address of 2012 to all fansites and influencers, the North American Community & eSports teams wish you all a very merry holiday season! Attached is a digital version of this year’s official Blizzard holiday card signed by the Diablo III, StarCraft II, World of Warcraft, and eSports community managers here at Blizzard headquarters. You’re welcome to share it with your audience too. We hope you enjoy!

 Attached was this Christmas card, so here is my share:

2012 Holidays Card!