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I leveled a priest and a hunter to 90 first for raiding.  Then I went offline for a few weeks.  In the meantime, though, my husband leveled Chatmay to 90 as my in-game Christmas present! woot!

It only made sense that after gemming and enchanting etc. I would do a heroic.  But I stopped first to transmog, the first I have done for her since MOP came out.

Here Goes:

Gold In Stormwind

The outfit is fairly simple:
Gaze of the Unknown (helm)
Four pieces of “Elegant” set
Liuyang’s Lovely Longstaff (staff)

I had been hording the pieces of elegant… since the end of Lich King!  It turned out ok, but I am not sure how long Chatmay will tolerate her butt hanging out of the back of this outfit.

Also, a guild member said she looks like a Power Ranger!