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Monday was my last day of World of Warcraft. After eight years of playing I decided the time has come to stop.
Many have asked if I am leaving over some kind of drama, and the answer is no.  The main reason is that I am just burned out.  I feel like there is nothing really new enough in the game to keep me going.  Also, I am getting old and too tired to play after dealing with two little ones all day.
In case anyone wonders, my guild will continue. I have turned it over to my husband and the officers.

I will have a farewell video posted soon that I have made to say goodbye to WOW.  In the meantime, here are some fun facts about my WOW tour:

1. My first toon was actually a gnome warlock, but I soon decided that I hate running close to the ground and deleted her at level three. Then Chatmay was created.  My second toon was Ellenoria, a NE druid.
2. I became guildleader of my first guild, <Avatars of East Kingdom> on Maelstrom, because the GM quit.  I wasn’t the first person in line to take over either…that person decided he didn’t want to lead, made me guildleader, then left the guild.  It was very strange.
3. I was such a noob in the beginning that mid-way to 60 I equipped a phantom blade with firey enchant on it (as a warlock).  Mainly because it was an expensive gift from a guildie, but also because it looked pretty.
4. I created a guild alliance of four guilds on Maelstrom so that we would be able to run raids, which were then 25 man or 40 man.  This was before there was an ingame calendar or anything really ingame for guilds to work this way together.  Everyone was required to use a calendar addon.
5. At one brief point in vanilla WOW, I was actually GM of two different guilds.
6. I never really wanted the improved level 60 warlock mount because it was a pain to get.  I was also known as a tightwad, and the mount still cost more than I wanted to pay. My husband actually took me around and made me get it.  I think he even gave me the gold.

Chamay in WOW Model Viewer

7. My first guild fell apart right after the Burning Crusade xpac came out.  Chatmay guild-hopped on Maelstrom and even transferred to Moon Guard during the next two years.
8. Yes, you read that correctly… I was on Moon Guard.
9. In the meantime, I raided on three different servers- Maelstrom, Bronzebeard, and Terokkar- with three alts.
10. After moving to Terokkar, my husband and I worked on three accounts. We had 30 toons– three of each class, one of each spec. This was before dual spec.
11. When dual spec came out, my hubby refused to delete any toons.  When cata finished, we had 20 of them to max level, seven of them raid geared.
12. When Lich King xpac came out, our guild was not raiding so I pugged myself to guilds for Naxxaramus, VOA, and OS.
13.  I took a few WOW breaks over the years, most notably before finishing Uldaur.  When I came back from that break, I found that my server had become somewhat unfriendly to pugs, especially someone who had not been into ICC before.  I never really raided ICC during that expansion, just started PVPing again.
14. The most players I ever grouped together were for my birthday party held on Maelstrom during vanilla.  I put everyone into a raid group, but I had more than 40 show up. I received so many presents that I was sending them to alts because I could not hold them.  The most valuable gifts I received were gold and the “fel” soul shard bag, which most warlocks could not afford to make/buy.
15. Speaking of bag space, Chatmay’s bags have been full since vanilla WOW.  I used to horde things like scrolls and potions- whole bags of them- lol.  By cata xpac, my bags were mostly full of transmog gear from all the previous years (also full personal bank and full void storage).
16.  Around the end of LK xpac, our guild became a casual/social guild.  I put on all kinds of crazy guild events from that time until the end of last year, which are almost all detailed on this blog.
17. When guild leveling came out for cata xpac, our guild, <The East Kingdom on Terokkar>, went from 150 toons to around 450, making it easy to get level 25.  When I finished WOW this past week we had around 725 toons.
18.  I was never… on a 5vs5 arena team.  I never got to do Brawler’s Guild, didn’t get around to it.  Also, I only went into the original Naxxaramus one time (even though I had the rep).
19.  Since 2005, I have hosted/run at least four level-one gnome races from Dun Murough to Stormwind City.
20.  I have never gotten a horde toon past level 20.
21.  During down time on Tuesdays, I would often make level ones on other servers, which eventually got me to max number of toons on my account.

list of servers with toons (there are more if you scroll down)

22.  Many of you know I was admin of a Cafemom.com group for WOW moms. Once we did a swap faction event, and I was in charge of the horde guild.  Our guild name was <Mommy Mafia>.
23. Right before they got rid of the world dragons, my husband (prot pally) and me (on holy priest) were 2-manning them for gold and drops.  I have to admit, some of them were a bit difficult even at the higher level.  It was an interesting challenge as a player.
24. Even before now I have had personal retirements on a few places.  For example, I would not go back into Molten Core after my husband made me help him for a long time to get his legendaries made.  I have not been back to Ulduar since getting the 10-man mount, which was a huge pain in the butt.
25. From the start of playing, my hubby would always joke that my in-game friends list was “my little black book.”  This was because I always had the max amount of names on it all the way through pandaria.  I had a lot of friends that were not in our guild, so I could always find people to fill in for dungeons and raids when needed.
26. Last but not least, many who were in my guild during Lich King will remember that I spent a few weeks helping my husband with the most ridiculous waste of time ever.  For some reason, he wanted exalted with the anti-goblin faction whatever it is called.  It is impossible in the game to do that as far as we know unless you cheat with a lot of suffering: a goblin in Badlands that gives 1 -read it- ONE- reputation point per kill with a five minute respawn time.  I had to farm this goblin for quite a long time… I would basically just leave the computer on for long periods of time and whack him when I was walking by the desk.  Horrible. lol

I will add to this later if I think of any more strange things.  Also upcoming soon are my goodbye video, my last transmog, and blog status update.