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Over the year I have been a part of too many WOW forums groups to count.  Member of some, admin to many.  Here are signatures I have used over the years. In a way, these tell about my history in WOW.

Looking through all of these, you can tell there is a major difference between using  paint, etc. and doing one/having one made in photoshop.  It also looks like photoshop has improved over the years, but I wouldn’t know.

Our guild used a facebook group instead of a guild website forums starting with Cataclysm. I also had the banner to this blog site made by the same person that did most of these signatures.

for Avatars of East Kingdom

Ellenoria was in different guilds than Chatmay still

Magdakine moved to a guild on Terokkar

wordage change, Chatmay back from the shelf

had this one made at the last minute by my dad, who knows nothing about WOW… was for a swap faction event

I didn’t really like this one that much

From a sig generator, I combined them into one sig

had this one made to replace the one I didn’t like

had this one made as well for important WOW Moms posts