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The title to this post sounds so dramatic, so not sure if this will be a let-down or not.

I was going to shoot some level 90 PVP shots of Chatmay for my “Farewell to WOW” video (those shots never actually made it to the video, but that will be covered in another post), so I had to transmog my gear that I had used previously of course.

I decided to make an outfit around Pontifex Kilt (leg slot).  I threw these pieces together, and at the last minute I threw in Mayor’s Hand Fan (offhand), which was a grossly huge piece I had kept from Pandaria questing for some reason.  This pic isn’t a very good shot of it, but this has to be the only outfit it ever suited.

Not too happy with this wand I used, but I didn’t have time at the moment to go digging for a different one that matched.

I’m Sad But Stylin

Also Shown Here:
Laughing Skull Cap
Contender’s Satin Amice
Aurora Armor
Wand of Ahn’kahet
Gossamer Gloves
Ruthless Gladiator’s Cord of Accuracy