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After several months of being absent from WOW, I’m finally but reluctantly admitting that I have sneaked back to it over a month ago.

I never had really intended to come back and thought I had made it pretty clear to everyone that it would be that way forever.  Even after at least 50 people commented to me- “aren’t you coming back yet?” – or – “you know you won’t stay gone, no one does”- etc., I was still away, although pretty bored with netflix and ipad games I have to admit.

Coming back to WOW was really just a random thing that happened, never planned that way.  I didn’t even know until that week that my account was still active, but my husband had mentioned it.  Then he also mentioned one night that a friend of mine who had been away from game for a long time was on.  So I thought- I’ll just jump on for a minute so I can give him my facebook info or email, yada yada….

Next thing I know, he basically talked me into not only coming back to WOW but transferring to a new server (long story but basically to leave a dying one).

I’ve been playing the past month by ear, still not even sure whether I will renew my subscription in August or not.  Slowly but painfully gearing up PVE, learning to do rated BGs and arena on my priest, and getting to do lots of raids with complete strangers on an active server through trade chat, general chat, and LFR.

Before a Rated BG on Meridiane

Not sure if I will stay on the server I am on currently (Proudmoore-US) with my priest or not, but I am definitely considering possibly another subscription to the game that has been my hobby since 2004.