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I have been transmogging all my gear since transmog came out.  Currently though, I am just wearing my regular gear on my priest, Meridiane.

Meridiane has two sets of gear- PVE (which I am still working on) and PVP.

My PVE gear is only at 499 gear score and a mix of different things, but it looks pretty good together!  I only transmogged the belt- Bloodthirsty Fireweave Belt– to match.

Level 90 PVE gear

Main pieces used in the picture above: Cowl of the Exorcist, Chilblain Spaulders, Robes of Static Bursts.  I am having to use my Tyrannical PVP weapon because I could never get a PVE weapon above 463 to drop….

My main set though is:

Level 90 PVP Gear

I have been spending 95% of my time PVPing in rated BGs and arena, using oqueue addon a lot to find groups.  My gear is a mix of Malevolent and Tyrannical now.  To me, these level 90 sets of PVP gear are some of the best looking ever as far as priest gear goes!

After an AV match

This screenshot was after an Alterac Valley match.  I was really excited because out of 80 players, my priest was 3rd in heals.  I was actually first the whole BG until the last Drek’Thar area when I lost out to two others.

The main reason it was amazing to me though is because there were so many other healers in there that I outhealed- we had at least 13 healers on alliance side alone!  So yes, PVP is going really well for me right now.