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The other night, my guild on Proudmoore-US, The Anti-Drama Society, held their first Halloween party.  The party was held at Greymane Manor in Gilneas, where we had warlocks ready to summon everyone.

20 Summoned and Counting

We started the party with handouts of green and white smoke flares, paper zeppelin kits, Tasty Cupcakes, and a game item (a Steam Tonk Controller).  There were also wine kegs, feasts, Apple Pies (from Dalaran), and pony kegs laid down.

Member Wolfsage did a pet raffle during the party where she had everyone roll between 1-3.  The roll would determine how many pets each person received.  I got three pets including Teldrassil Sproutling and Anodized Robo Cub.  Somewhere around 50-75 pets were given away during the party.

Costume Line-Up

We then lined up in a doorway to determine the costume contest winner.  Trinarra was dressed as a Scary Pumpkin and won a Blood-Elf Bandit Mask.

Trinarra on staircase

Farmer Bean

Beanski won a Brawler’s Pass for his farmer outfit.

There was then a circle formed for the Steam Tonk Controller battles.  We did four rounds of fighting with the last tonk standing as winner.  Prizes given were: Mist-Piercing Goggles, Orange Martial Shirt + Lavender Shirt, and the Mystery Potion Package (Potion of luck x1 and Pygmy Pots x12).

Wolfsage then did a Halloween trivia contest.  There were three short rounds of questions- the round one winner got 10g, the round two winner got 20g, and the last round was one question worth 250g plus a rare pet.

There were also Darkmoon “murloc” and Darkmoon “rocket” rides during the party compliments of Taysha.

Rocket Ride

Murloc Ride

Prizes were mailed to winners after the party.

The party was a huge success for this large guild alliance of over 1000 toons.  I would like to thank the GM, Isayuri, for letting me assist as activities committee chair.  Also thanking Wolfsage, Ruccos, Ouliana, Deilana, Nift, Moy, and Rainelyn for all their help.