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In what has to be the strangest/most bizarre costume I have ever come up with, my priest, Meridiane, attended the Anti-Drama Commonwealth’s Halloween party last week as THE POPE.

Surrounded by in Stormwind

I didn’t just come up with this idea to be anti-religious (or an extremist)… it was actually WOW developers that inspired the idea with their strange, pope-like  headpiece:

the Tyrannical Gladiator’s Mooncloth Helm  !!!

side view with mace

front view of “The Pope”

I paired it with these items for the Pope look:

Bright Mantle
Imbued Infantry Cloak
Elegant Robes….
Vagaries of Time (mace)
Brightcloth Gloves
Tyrannical Gladiator’s Cord of Meditation
and Boots of the Blowing Wind

I will be submitting my idea to Dress Up! by Batinna for her Halloween category.  She posted this blog contest a while back, but I did not see it until this past week, and she is still taking posts here and on twitter in 15 different categories.  Then she will be posting different ones she picks in transmog videos.