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Tonight there was a “Meet Your Guildies” event hosted by me for The Anti Drama Commonwealth (four guilds) on Proudmoore-US server.  Isayuri is GM, and I am event committee leader.

The icebreaker games– modified for WOW from a blog called Insight (see copyright attribute at the bottom) and found on Google- were played on ventrilo and are listed below.  I also included some examples:

My Name Is? – Everyone states their name to intro + adjective that describes them starting with the same letter as the name… this name will be what you are referred to during night*.   <My name was Mighty Mer.>

* During this time I had everyone in the vent group ingame mail me some things for two later games (2 Truths… and Cat in The Hat).

Two Truths and a Lie – The first game, which was sent ingame mail*, was Two Truths….  I had them send me two truths about themselves and one lie (with the lie marked on the message).

Everyone on vent then can guess 1) who the person who is being read about is and 2) which statement is the lie.  I gave five points (maybe this should go down to two or three?) for guessing the person and one point for picking the lie.  The winner, Rainelyn, received a Cockatiel pet.

We then told who the Zombie Apocalypse Team would be for each person.  It is a facebook game based on birth month, birthday, and the color shirt you are wearing right now.  Look:


We gave a prize to Ravenlee- Mist-Piercing Goggles– for the most awesome team because she was wearing three shirts.  Plus one of them was Wolverine-colored!  So that was 5 team members plus some lol.

Conversation Starters– Random questions like “Who Has the Most Pets?” and “Who Has Travelled the Farthest from Home?” were asked.  I also asked a few WOW related questions.

Cat in the Hat– I had everyone send me an ingame question (*at the beginning) using any subject they are knowledgeable about.  Make sure they are appropriate if guild rules would require it….

The question I wrote, for example, was- Who wrote the Headless Horseman?

The leader reads the name of the question then reads the question.  Our questions were all pretty hard, but we had one person guess two right- Rainelyn.  She won a Red Wine Glass offhand.

Thanks and credit to Grahame Knox for some of the icebreaker ideas-

Insight by Grahame Knox is a blog licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. – See more at: http://insight.typepad.co.uk/#sthash.TxrabAJ6.dpuf