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You don’t like transmogging?  Getting grief in LFR for your ugly gear?

It’s really not that hard.

I brought Chatmay back to WOW (ie played again) this week.  This is the ugly mess I got when I bought some PVP crafted gear so I could do regular battlegrounds:


This mess included four pieces of 476 PVP gear, three of which were the Crafted set.  The other JP piece I already had from before and had been transmogged to Aurora Armor, thus the white top.  The shoulders and shoes are the Contender’s set.

So what did I do?  I simply replaced the chest, helm, and weapon transmogs.  I changed to this immediately:


Robes of Fate
Staff of Justified Sins
Crown of Enfeebled Bodies

It’s definitely not the best set I have ever made – I am especially thinking the gloves need changed-, but this took about ten minutes or less of time.  And it looks a lot better than the first set.

Hope this helps!