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Did anyone else see this article on the Geeks are Sexy website?

Disney Princesses as World of Warcraft Characters

The last picture is of Snow White as a dwarf (by LiberLibelula on DeviantArt):

Rosy Cheeked And Proud

I love this picture, but it makes me go WAHHH!

I am going to Dragoncon this year, and I would LOVE to dress up like this picture.  I at one time had a viking costume I put together (see below) for Halloween that was sort of dwarfish looking, but my husband talked me into getting rid of my costumes a few years ago.

That’s Me.

Now I have decided I want to cosplay at 38 years old, and I no longer have my viking helmet and armor.  OK at least the helmet…. oh goodness. 😦  Sad face.

I could buy this Snow White apron on Etsy (by seller, CucinaBambina) and a bun wig and just make a humongous axe to take with it:

Snow White Does The Kitchen Right


(PS: check out Etsy for all kinds of aprons for different heroines and villains… I love me some Etsy!)