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Don’t you hate it when you can’t decide on a transmog outfit?  The outfit that starts taking over an hour to make?

I started this with a simple idea- a warlock in white and gold.  Kind of- “I’m holier than thou” look? heh 😀

Turns out, there aren’t tons of white options for warlocks.  This started taking a while and costing a little money (I need to go back to using WOW Model Viewer!?).  Which wasn’t a big deal to me; it was more a bag space problem as usual.

The outfit was based on three pieces at first – Aurora Armor, the Theramore Tabard, and Vicious Embersilk Pants.  I also had on Sandals Of The Shadow at the time, which I decided to use to give some contrast and also because they have some white in them.

The first dilemma came with the helm.

I thought the white helm- Cowl of Destiny– looked kind of neat… plus I have never used it in a transmog since it hardly matches anything.  However, my son wanted me to use the gold helm- Gaze of the Unknown.

Touch of Blue

I was ok with the gold helm until I noticed that the back is blue (and there are feathers? around the bottom, no idea).  That doesn’t go with what I was wanting, but I modified the outfit to make my son happy by adding some blue items off the AH.  The gloves- Wind-Kissed Handwraps– and a staff with blue- Splintering Greatstaff.

Back of the Gaze helm

<Just for note here, I used Nemesis Bracers because they are very small and don’t add distraction to the gloves.>

I ended up later back with the white helm, and then I couldn’t decide on a staff without blue.  So I bought an old favorite, The Bringer Of Death.  I liked it because it added a warlock look, but it was a bit too much white at this point for me.

Death By Chatmay

The second staff I tried was Spire of Sunset.  Although it matched the color scheme, I thought it was kind of gawdy for the overall look.

Set in Theramore

I also tossed back and forth different shoulders and belts.  I ended up with Ruby-Linked Girdle to go with the boots and Pandaria xpac, but I did consider the white belt, Firewool Cord of the Wildfire.

For shoulders, I started with Elegant Mantle.  I decided it was too grayish, so I went with Vicious Embersilk Shoulders instead.

What do you guys think?  Which pieces should I use with what?  Feedback needed! 😀