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A blog challenge- from Toonacious blog– isn’t hard, right?  How hard can posting screenshots be???

I don’t have a lot of play time lately, and I have over 2000 screenshots… so this is harder than I thought it would be! ha ha

So without further ado, here is my catch-up post for almost a whole week:

FEBRUARY 10 theme- “I am….”

In Mount Hyjal during cata….

I am shadow… I am FIRE!

FEBRUARY 11 theme- “Mistake”

What is wrong with this picture?

One time… in Dalaran…..

FEBRUARY 12 theme- “Out+About”

Westfall again.

Riding in the Rain

FEBRUARY 13 theme- “Perfect”

I like this screenshot.  The light fits the paladin shot.

For the light!

FEBRUARY 14 theme- “Heart”

This is actually me and my husband I think.

Whale quest in Northrend

FEBRUARY 15 theme- “Drink of Choice”

Read the caption.

Red Bull gives you wings.

FEBRUARY 16 theme- “Create”

I love tailoring.  I used to make RP outfits for everyone.  Here is a screenshot I made when I did a “Crafted by Ellenoria” catalog once.

Phoenix gloves and pants