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Today I am looking at all the themes from the Toonacious blog challenge since February 17th.  This is a lot of screenshots to post.

So I am kind of breaking the rules….

I am taking two themes, –

FEBRUARY 24 theme- “Half”
FEBRUARY 25 theme- “Cut”

and I am “cutting half” of the ones from the 17th to the 25th, picking my faves to use only for this post.  Here you go!

FEBRUARY 18 theme- “Magic”

I can’t figure out the magic ball anyways.  Where does it come from, what does it do, why a gorilla inside?

Magic 8 Ball

FEBRUARY 19 theme- “Feet”

Steady Feet on the Kite

FEBRUARY 20 theme- “Peace”

Fireflies in Pandaria

FEBRUARY 21 theme- “Funny”

Yeah, yeah

FEBRUARY 22 theme- “An Act of Kindness”

Healer sacrifices herself for the group.

Shadowfang Keep