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I was wondering today about the people that design gear for WOW.  What are they thinking sometimes when they come up with these outfits?

So I googled celebrity fashion of course.  Here are some celebrities who inspired (or were inspired by, not sure) WOW cloth looks:

Nicole Kidman at People’s Choice Awards wore a backless gold top, which resembles Calico Tunic-, a top Chatmay wore in my “Get This Party Started” WOW music video:

Nicole’s backless top

Cutout Crazy- Front

Chatmay’s backless top

Kate Hudson is wearing a white dress that kind of resembles the Elegant Robes, one of my favorite robes in-game.

Kate’s summer dress

Chat’s favorite robe

Hudson’s dress is also similar in color and style to Mooncloth Robe, which I wore with a white shirt for a guild winter party.


Mooncloth Robe with white shirt

 In this photo of Taylor Swift, she is wearing an extremely low-cut gown.  You can get this cloth look in-game with several robes, although I found two of mine seemed lower-cut than the others.

Low Cut Resolution 

Chatmay wore one of these lower-cut robes when she dressed up as Elvira for yet another WOW Halloween contest using Thistlefur Robe.  I can’t find that screenshot, but here is a more recent shot of that chestpiece:

Low-cut with scary helm

Another low-cut option is Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Felweave Raiment, a pretty awesome robe from level 85 PVP.  With another scary helm….

Jagged edge

Finally, I’m not sure who this celebrity is, but she is wearing an off-the-shoulder dress that to me looks like Astralaan Robe, which my mage and my paladin (as RP gear) have both worn.

Off-the Shoulder WOW

Paladin in Cloth 

Do you think these are good knock-offs?  What did I miss?

Stay tuned for more upcoming celebrity-WOW fashion posts!