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Finishing this screenshot project has been on my list to do all week or before even, so here you go!  I am also including a special surprise at the bottom for Toonacious blog writer, Tycertank.

FEBRUARY 26 theme- “Light”

While running Trial of the Crusader for transmog gear with DungeonBabes on Terokkar, I saw the light… when the floor broke apart from underneath us:

Oh noes!

FEBRUARY 27 theme- “My View Today”

This is myself and two other PVPers defending a flag at WW (as pirate skeletons from the Timeless Isle item).

PVP Skellys!

FEBRUARY 28 theme- “Reflection”

My shaman, Magdakine, looked at her reflection, only to hear: “Dranei, do not try anything funny.  We are watching you.”… Wow.

Big brother here.

Thanks for February posts, Tycertank!  I made this for you:

Wordle for blog challenge