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The good news is- yes, I still play WOW.  I was gone a week to start playing ESO,- a week mind you!- and I guess some people got worried.

The bad news is- you can’t duel naked in WOW any more.


I had scheduled a naked dueling contest for my guild last night.  (Well, level 1 clothes for some that didn’t have enough bag space to get naked).  It used to be in WOW that if you took off your gear to be naked, your health would go down accordingly.  Now that is not the case, but I had not thought about this when planning the event.

Mistaken Circumstances

When I started dueling the first guildie participating, I realized that neither one of us were damaging each other.  I pulled up the “what happened to me” log, and it was showing that I was only doing 14 damage to her a hit.  So obviously, this was not going to work.  We decided to duel each other wearing our PVE gear since neither one of us really has a PVP set yet, and neither one of us has a high item level.

I beat this druid, a mage, and a priest.  I won all three.  Then I realized that the priest was not wearing the same level gear as us, so we rematched.  He won.  The prize was Lil Bad Wolf pet from Naxxramas.

I also learned during this event… never duel anyone outside the guild for fun with 90 points higher item level.  That could be bad.