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I didn’t get to go to a lot of WOW events because of my volunteer schedule at DragonCon this year, but I did keep up with some of the people doing WOW cosplay.

This picture was made before the DragonCon parade on Saturday.  Notice Blizzard game designer Jonathan LeCraft wearing the tabard, which had alliance on the front and horde on the back.

Before Parade Start

Here is a shot of the parade featuring a Forsaken Deathbringer tier set 8 (with Illidan close behind):

Tier Set with cool staff

There was also a WOW Costume contest.  The top winners were a paladin/hunter pair, who gave this description of their cosplay:

“The gear Justin is wearing is based on his Hunter’s transmog set Ruthless Gladiator’s Pursuit, Arena Season 10. The gear Sarah is wearing is based on her Paladin’s transmog set Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Redemption, Arena Season 11. More often than not, you can fine these two in a rated battleground or an arena.”


These are some of my other faves:

High Inquisitor Whitemane

female Garrosh Hellscream with flower in hair

None of these pictures were made by me.  Thanks to the “Dragon Con- Gaming Photos” facebook group for the costume contest pics and the “Dragon Con WOW Parade Group” facebook group for helping me with this post!