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I have owed a lot to my husband’s playing of WOW over the many years.  The mass amount of mounts, pets, and achievements were all done by him, not me!

This past month, I have gotten two great things in game, again, because my husband has been playing around with the game again.

The one I want to feature in this post is the Blazing Wings item, which counts as a toy.  It is the reward for the Brood of Alysrazor achievement at The Darkmoon Faire, which is flying through rings in the air.

Since I did not get any screenshots of the Faire or achievement for this post, I am posting this link to a video that shows how to do it.  My husband says it is harder than it looks at first.

Here is me trying on my Wings for the first time from the toy selection tab.

Trying on a new toy.

So I put together a firey outfit to match the wings, and this is what I came up with:

Darkmoon Faire gives you wings!

The items are:

Jewel of The Firelord (cosmetic)
Cloudscorcher Shoulderpads of the Impatient
Balespider’s Robes
Runecloth Belt *
Igniter Rod

I am wearing Runecloth Belt in the picture because I am wearing the wrong belt.  I had intended to use Embereye Belt.  Oh well.

Dancing with wings.

The item lasts for 15 minutes with a 30 minute cooldown, and it looks AWESOME!

Another treat from my husband recently was finally getting the Ashes of Al’ar mount!  Now we have a hot pink mount… woot!

Meridiane on new mount.

So, if you have never played with your significant other- put them to work!  It really pays off.