Chatmay’s Best Transmog Ever


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I have decided that this has to be the best transmog I have ever done… tons of purple here, a warlock’s favorite color, plus it perfectly goes with my new guild tabard.

Chatmay’s Close-up

I decided to make this outfit and base it around my new shoulders, which I totally love.  I got them in LFR.  The tabard is from my new guild, <Dark Phoenix>.

Here are the items I used:

Darkmist Wizard Hat
Shoulderpads of Dou Dou Chong
Conqueror’s Deathbringer’s Robe
Gloves of the Thousandfold Hells
Frostwoven Belt
Sandals of the Shadow
Cape of the Black Baron (not shown in pics)
Namlak’s Supernumerary Sticker
Orb of the First Satyrs


with weapon and OH

The dagger is the only item I am iffy about… and only because of it’s glow color.  Besides the level 90 gear, everything is pieces I have saved or collected over the past few years except the crafted belt, which I bought on the auction house.

WOW Celebrity-Look Cloth Gear


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I was wondering today about the people that design gear for WOW.  What are they thinking sometimes when they come up with these outfits?

So I googled celebrity fashion of course.  Here are some celebrities who inspired (or were inspired by, not sure) WOW cloth looks:

Nicole Kidman at People’s Choice Awards wore a backless gold top, which resembles Calico Tunic-, a top Chatmay wore in my “Get This Party Started” WOW music video:

Nicole’s backless top

Cutout Crazy- Front

Chatmay’s backless top

Kate Hudson is wearing a white dress that kind of resembles the Elegant Robes, one of my favorite robes in-game.

Kate’s summer dress

Chat’s favorite robe

Hudson’s dress is also similar in color and style to Mooncloth Robe, which I wore with a white shirt for a guild winter party.


Mooncloth Robe with white shirt

 In this photo of Taylor Swift, she is wearing an extremely low-cut gown.  You can get this cloth look in-game with several robes, although I found two of mine seemed lower-cut than the others.

Low Cut Resolution 

Chatmay wore one of these lower-cut robes when she dressed up as Elvira for yet another WOW Halloween contest using Thistlefur Robe.  I can’t find that screenshot, but here is a more recent shot of that chestpiece:

Low-cut with scary helm

Another low-cut option is Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Felweave Raiment, a pretty awesome robe from level 85 PVP.  With another scary helm….

Jagged edge

Finally, I’m not sure who this celebrity is, but she is wearing an off-the-shoulder dress that to me looks like Astralaan Robe, which my mage and my paladin (as RP gear) have both worn.

Off-the Shoulder WOW

Paladin in Cloth 

Do you think these are good knock-offs?  What did I miss?

Stay tuned for more upcoming celebrity-WOW fashion posts!

#WOWScreenshotaday (s) to finish up last month


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Finishing this screenshot project has been on my list to do all week or before even, so here you go!  I am also including a special surprise at the bottom for Toonacious blog writer, Tycertank.

FEBRUARY 26 theme- “Light”

While running Trial of the Crusader for transmog gear with DungeonBabes on Terokkar, I saw the light… when the floor broke apart from underneath us:

Oh noes!

FEBRUARY 27 theme- “My View Today”

This is myself and two other PVPers defending a flag at WW (as pirate skeletons from the Timeless Isle item).

PVP Skellys!

FEBRUARY 28 theme- “Reflection”

My shaman, Magdakine, looked at her reflection, only to hear: “Dranei, do not try anything funny.  We are watching you.”… Wow.

Big brother here.

Thanks for February posts, Tycertank!  I made this for you:

Wordle for blog challenge

#WOWScreenshotaday (s) for February 17th-February 25th


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Today I am looking at all the themes from the Toonacious blog challenge since February 17th.  This is a lot of screenshots to post.

So I am kind of breaking the rules….

I am taking two themes, –

FEBRUARY 24 theme- “Half”
FEBRUARY 25 theme- “Cut”

and I am “cutting half” of the ones from the 17th to the 25th, picking my faves to use only for this post.  Here you go!

FEBRUARY 18 theme- “Magic”

I can’t figure out the magic ball anyways.  Where does it come from, what does it do, why a gorilla inside?

Magic 8 Ball

FEBRUARY 19 theme- “Feet”

Steady Feet on the Kite

FEBRUARY 20 theme- “Peace”

Fireflies in Pandaria

FEBRUARY 21 theme- “Funny”

Yeah, yeah

FEBRUARY 22 theme- “An Act of Kindness”

Healer sacrifices herself for the group.

Shadowfang Keep

#WOWScreenshotaday for February 10th-16th


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A blog challenge- from Toonacious blog– isn’t hard, right?  How hard can posting screenshots be???

I don’t have a lot of play time lately, and I have over 2000 screenshots… so this is harder than I thought it would be! ha ha

So without further ado, here is my catch-up post for almost a whole week:

FEBRUARY 10 theme- “I am….”

In Mount Hyjal during cata….

I am shadow… I am FIRE!

FEBRUARY 11 theme- “Mistake”

What is wrong with this picture?

One time… in Dalaran…..

FEBRUARY 12 theme- “Out+About”

Westfall again.

Riding in the Rain

FEBRUARY 13 theme- “Perfect”

I like this screenshot.  The light fits the paladin shot.

For the light!

FEBRUARY 14 theme- “Heart”

This is actually me and my husband I think.

Whale quest in Northrend

FEBRUARY 15 theme- “Drink of Choice”

Read the caption.

Red Bull gives you wings.

FEBRUARY 16 theme- “Create”

I love tailoring.  I used to make RP outfits for everyone.  Here is a screenshot I made when I did a “Crafted by Ellenoria” catalog once.

Phoenix gloves and pants

#WOWScreenshotaday for February 7th-9th


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At the end of the first week, I am behind already.

In an effort to catch up with my blog screenshot challenge, provided by the Toonacious blog, I am posting the past few days here together.

FEBRUARY 7th theme- Utensil

Wine Snob wth Red Wine Glass

FEBRUARY 8th theme- Water


Westfall Lighthouse

FEBRUARY 9th theme- Details

Recently on a very bad day, I hinted to a GM that I needed a joke…. he had one of course!  Made me feel better.

Chat with Aeisgos

#WOWScreenshotaday (s) for February 5th and 6th


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I hate getting behind with the Toonacious blog challenge, so today I combined the theme for yesterday- “Square”- with the theme for today- “C is for….”

OK “C” is for cookie.  Always has been, always will be.

So here is Chatmay summoning a soulwell for healthstones (cookies)…..

ooh flashy

The bottom of which is square…..

Green Cookies Here

The outfit, btw, is:

Peacebreaker’s Silk Cowl
Mantle of the Faceless Shroud
Silk Robe of Eminent Domain
Vicious Gladiator’s Felweave Handguards
Firewool Cord….

#WOWScreenshotaday x2 for February 4th


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Today’s theme from the Toonacious blog challenge is- “Childhood.”

This was a bit challenging, so I just came up with an idea consisting of two screenshots.

Do you remember the fall festivals and pumpkin patches from younger days?  Well, here is my priest, Meridiane, running through Stormwind with her Alliance Balloon to get to the pumpkin patch.

In a Hurry To Veg

Chilling With The Pumpkins

#WOWScreenshotaday for February 3rd


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Today’s screenshot post was inspired by the Toonacious blog challenge, check it out.

The theme for today is- “Something Orange.”  What?

I figured Orange Martial Shirt would already be taken, so I went to the zone of orange instead- Hellfire Peninsula.  This is my shot of a deranged boar beast:

Honey Boar

#WOWScreenshotaday for February 2nd


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I started the Toonacious blog challenge called #WOWScreenshotaday late, so here is my second post.  As you can see, I’m a day behind.

The theme for February 2nd was- “Favorite.”

My favorite zones in WOW are the night-elf starting zone, Teldrassil, as well as Ashenvale (pre-cataclysm xpac preferably).

Here are two shots I made for this post of spots in Teldrassil:


Oracle Glade